ABBOTSFORD, BC. — Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery is launching Omegamazing, a sliced sandwich bread made with sprouted whole wheat, ground flax seeds and ground chia seeds. Each slice of Omegamazing bread contains 400 mg of omega-3 ALAs, 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. The bread is vegan, kosher, glyphosate free, non-GMO verified and free from peanuts and tree nuts.

“Our customers are looking for better-for-you bread options that are nutrient rich but don’t sacrifice on flavor, and we’re thrilled to introduce our new Omegamazing offering, which does just that,” said Jodie Douglas, senior marketing director at Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery. “Omegamazing brings a delicious new option rich in omega-3 ALA to the bread aisle and is the perfect heart-healthy base for sandwiches and snacks.”

Omegamazing bread also is the first product featuring the company’s recently updated packaging, which features a clear window through which consumers can see the bread products.