HARRISONBURG, VA. — Farmer Focus said that some of its products were Halal-certified through ISWA, except for the Toasted Lager Half Bird. 

The company said the Halal-certified products are available in select retailers and online retailers like Crowd Cow. The products are also available for industrial and foodservice channels in various cuts and packaging options.

“We are excited to see our partners embrace a growing and diverse population requesting Halal-certified chicken products,” said Kathryn Tuttle, chief commercial officer at Farmer Focus. “As consumers become more conscientious about their food, health, and the environment, Halal-certified foods are taking center stage.”

Farmer Focus stated that the Halal food product category is expecting a compound annual growth rate in the United States of 5.6% (CAGR) by 2032.

Halal foods must not contain pork, alcohol, intoxicants, harmful ingredients, unsanitary elements, and poisons. 

Farmer Focus said their products are Halal certified, but it is up to the retailers to choose which certifications are included on the pricing label. 

“As consumers plan their meals throughout Ramadan, Halal-certified Farmer Focus Organic Chicken makes meal preparation easy, especially with our pre-seasoned line of products,” said Sean McLendon, vice president of research and development at Farmer Focus. “With Farmer Focus, consumers don’t have to choose between Halal, humane, or organic; they can have all the attributes important to them to create recipes to enjoy during Ramadan.”