YAKIMA, WASH. — This summer, Domex Superfresh Growers will be increasing the production of its sweet cherries by 30% after adding a new packing line to its operations.

“Freshness and speed to consumers is the key to success in the cherry category,” said Robert Kershaw, CEO of Superfresh Growers. “It is magical when an investment improves the experience of all stakeholders in the supply chain. Freshness is the intersection that growers, retailers and consumers all want. Everyone wants cherries fresh off the tree.”

According to the company, Superfresh Growers produced the largest and latest supply of cherries in the United States, fulfilling shipments even after Labor Day.

“We expect a big year on cherries in 2023,” said Conner O’Malley, president of sales. “Our bounce-back volume from 2022 should be fantastic. Our season will be longer than ever, again extending through August. We are excited for the quality this new line will provide, and for the additional capacity we will deliver to the market.”

Superfresh Growers plans to have its new facility fully operational prior to the 2023 Pacific Northwest cherry crop in late May. The new sorter line will specifically manage the company’s dark sweet and Rainier cherries.