Premium commercial food equipment manufacturer Hobart has upgraded one of its top meat department performers.

Enhancements to Troy, Ohio-based Hobart’s 6614 meat saw include an integrated meat pusher attachment for increased operator convenience. The attachment, which is connected to the meat saw, flips out of the way and locks in place when not in use, and the pusher plate eliminates the need to handle items close to the blade, said Megan Gray, Hobart’s product line manager.

The attachment also doesn’t require any tools, allowing for easy disassembly for cleaning, and there are minimal parts for better sanitation. Hobart also offers the integrated meat pusher attachment on its larger 6801 meat saw.

The integrated meat pusher attachment complements other operator convenience features offered by the 6614 meat saw, Gray said. Upper and lower blade guards protect above and below the cutting zone, while keeping the blade accessible and the movable stainless steel carriage tray includes a stepped front edge and stainless steel ball bearings to ease carriage movement. The tri-rail carriage support assures stability, and Hobart has made a carriage lock standard.

Along with a 3 hp motor and direct gear-drive transmission that increases the saw’s durability, the saw includes blade-retaining double-flanged pulleys and a center crown that extends the blade life and maintains its integrity. These pulleys also ensure precision balance and true running of the blade, which operates at 3,500 fpm for fast, accurate cuts, and are tool-less for easy cleaning. The 6614-1IP meat saw’s open-frame construction makes it easy to hose down or power wash (up to 1,100 psi).

The upgrade to the 6614 comes two years after Hobart launched the integrated pusher on its larger footprint meat saw, the 6801, and found that this innovation is ideal for the retail grocery space, Gray said. 

“With faster turnover and the likelihood of more operators using the machine, having an integrated pusher is key to making sure operators have convenient access. This pusher is built into the product and always ready, ensuring operators are using the equipment correctly.”  

Regardless of how long someone has been using the equipment, the pusher is necessary for correct operation, Gray said.  In a meat room, the pusher is one of the most commonly lost items. That’s not a problem with Hobart’s integrated pusher — it’s attached to the machine and flips out of the way when not in use. In addition, the integrated pusher provides added convenience and eliminates the need to handle items close to the blade.

In addition, adjustable legs allow the operator to adjust the saw height for comfortable use, and Hobart has pivot-mounted the motor, transmission and lower pulley assembly for ease of use. A blade tension control is easily accessible below the saw’s table to adjust for broad blade length tolerance.

Labor-saving options

It’s no secret, Gray said, that labor is a challenge for the retail food industry, which is why it’s important to purchase equipment that’s easy to use and easy to clean.

Hobart meat saws feature a stainless steel open-frame construction, making them easy to clean and extremely durable, she said. The adjustable legs and upper/lower blade guards provide operator assurance. In addition to providing operator assurance, the integrated pusher on the 6614 meat saw makes the saw easier to use. Hobart also provides resources such as videos to help train new users to operate meat room equipment correctly. 

In addition to the labor shortage, there are several other trends Hobart is tracking in the meat department, including specialty cuts, locally sourced products and smaller equipment. 

“We recognize these trends, which is why we decided to expand the integrated pusher offering to our smaller footprint saw, the 6614,” Gray said. “In addition to our smaller meat saw, we also carry a variety of sizes of meat choppers and mixer-grinders to accommodate smaller kitchens.” 

Hobart offers a variety of products including meat saws, mixer-grinders, slicers, choppers and tenderizers, all of which can be found in a grocery meat department, and Gray emphasized that Hobart is a total-source solution for meat room equipment.

“Not only do we offer a full line of products, but we also are our own service provider. Hobart Service has more than 125 locations and 1,500 service technicians across the US and Canada. Each Hobart Service technician is factory-trained, allowing them to provide our customers with exceptional product knowledge and expert insights.”