ONTARIO, CALIF. – In partnership with Costco, FiveStar Gourmet Foods has announced the release of a new Simply Fresh Kitchen product, Korean-Inspired Beef Bowls with Kimchi and Bulgogi Sauce. 

The new flavor is made with BBQ seasoned beef, fire-roasted mushrooms, onions, carrots, green onions and sesame seeds on a bed of white rice. It is inspired by “Bibimbap,” a popular Korean dish. 

The Korean-Inspired Beef Bowls follow the success of Simply Fresh Kitchen’s Tandoori Chicken Bowls with Green Chutney and Shawarma Chicken Bowls. 

“Our partnership with Costco has been such a rewarding one. We continue to focus on providing consumers with even more delicious flavor experiences in their treasure hunt for new tastes,” said Tal Shoshan, FiveStar’s chief executive officer. “We know how to execute a perfectly fresh food product that meets Costco’s high standards—within a complex operational environment to incorporate carefully prepared meat proteins with freshly cut vegetables and mouthwatering sauces—and deliver incredible flavor.”