MISSION VIEJO, CALIF. — The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) is expanding its partnership with the nonprofit Walk with a Doc (WWAD) for a second year to spotlight education about the importance of investing in heart health through nutrition, movement, and community.

With heart conditions linked to greater risk of severe illness from COVID-19, the public health campaign  helps address preventable risk factors starting with an interactive virtual walk event in February, which is American Heart Month. 

The program will engage WWAD’s network of over 28,000 current and future healthcare professionals and walkers, and continue throughout the year with accredited content and a media tour featuring WWAD Founder and board-certified cardiologist David Sabgir. 

“Increasing exercise, social connections and nutrition is a powerful trifecta when it comes to promoting heart health,” Sabgir said. “Teaming up with the Hass Avocado Board is a good fit for WWAD since as doctors, we know healthy eating patterns associated with heart health include plenty of fruits and vegetables and unsaturated fats, yet Americans are very behind in meeting daily requirements. With avocados being virtually the only fresh fruit with good fats, each bite is an easy opportunity to meet both fruit and good fat recommendations.”

The WWAD Aloha Adventure will leverage Fresh Avocados - Love One Today, recipes and educational tools, building awareness for HAB’s science-based resource.  Fittingly kicking off on Feb. 14, the event will challenge teams from across the country to commit to focusing on love for their hearts during a two-week virtual exploration of the Hawaiian Islands. On the agenda will be daily inspiration from WWAD doctors to support heart health by moving more and encouragement to increase fruit and vegetable intake and reduce saturated fats. Walkers of all ages and across the industry are invited to join and sign up at LoveOneToday.com/WWAD. Participation is free and limited to the first 1,500 to register. 

Throughout the year, Sabgir will also forward awareness for the growing body of evidence that avocados are a heart healthy fruit through media interviews and an accredited podcast and webinar for health professionals. 

Content will look at how exercise, nutrition and sleep complete the wellness puzzle and underscore everyday opportunities to keep your heart healthy. 

“Partnering with WWAD is successfully increasing conversations about how diet can help prevent health issues,” said Gina Widjaja, director of marketing and communications for the Hass Avocado Board. “Especially during these uncertain times, we see health professionals and consumers valuing updates on nutrition research and tools to help incorporate more heart healthy foods like avocados in their daily diet.”