MISSION VIEJO, Calif. – In its 20th year, the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) is putting a stronger emphasis on strategic promotion by expanding the role of Gina Widjaja, director of marketing and communications.

Gina-Widjaja-headshotImage courtesy of the Haas Avocado Board


Widjaja’s role and responsibilities are being broadened to utilize her 20-plus years of experience in marketing and to further HAB’s goal to make avocados America’s favorite fruit by 2025.

“Twenty years ago, the avocado was an exotic novelty, and the headlines were about basic guacamole as a party food,” Widjaja said. “Marketing changed the narrative. Strategic promotion of the science to health professionals expanded and deepened the conversation, moving fresh avocados from special occasions to a mainstay staple for healthy living, integrated across all the different meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and in a variety of creative ways (on toast, in smoothie and in soups).” 

Since the HAB was founded in 2002, avocado consumption in the United States has increased by more than 2 billion pounds each year. 

“Growing demand without discounting requires focus on continually improving the value proposition,” Widjaja said. “Our current strategy is based on redefining the value of avocados’ health benefits, relentlessly setting new context for the nutritional benefits of fresh avocados to elevate their worth and lessen purchase barriers. With every promotion, we give health professionals and consumers one more reason to love avocados."