WASHINGTON, D.C. — The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership recognized 12 supermarket retailers and one advanced refrigeration system manufacturer for exceptional achievements in reducing the impacts of commercial refrigeration systems on the environment. 

“We applaud the strides these companies are making to reduce the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration systems,” said Joe Goffman, acting assistant administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation. “Many refrigerants are climate damaging, so by reducing refrigerant emissions and switching to more environmentally friendlier refrigerants, these companies are demonstrating their dedication to a sustainable future.” 

GreenChill Partners in the food retail industry commit to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the environment. On average, GreenChill Partners maintain corporate-wide emissions rates that are approximately half the industry average.  

EPA recognized GreenChill Partners in the following categories: 

Best Corporate Emissions Rate 

Cook County Whole Foods Co-op (Grand Marais, Minn.) 

Meijer (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 

Most Improved Emissions Rate 

City Market, Onion River Co-op (Burlington, Vt.) 

Weis Markets (Sunbury, Pa.) 

Superior Goal Achievement 

Cook County Whole Foods Co-op) (Grand Marais, Minn.) 

Food Lion (Salisbury, N.C.) 

Grocery Outlet, Inc. (Emeryville, Calif.) 

Hy-Vee (Des Moines, Iowa) 

Meijer (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 

Raley's (Sacramento, Calif.) 

Sprouts Farmers Market (Phoenix, Ariz.) 

Target (Minneapolis, Minn.) 

Exceptional Goal Achievement 

Hy-Vee (Des Moines, Iowa) 

Meijer (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 

Additionally, GreenChill’s Store Certification Program recognized stores for meeting strict performance criteria, including refrigeration systems with minimal potential impacts on the ozone layer and climate system. GreenChill Store Certification recognitions included the following: 

Store Leadership 

The Grocery Outlet, Inc. store in Canoga Park, Calif., was honored for its innovation as the first GreenChill-Certified Store to exclusively use propane (R-290) in its commercial refrigeration systems. The use of this low global-warming potential refrigerant demonstrates an innovative application of alternative refrigerants and a commitment to reduce its impact on the ozone layer and climate change. 

Store Certification Excellence 

ALDI (Batavia, Ill.) earned recognition for achieving more GreenChill Certified Stores than their peers over the past year. In the current award cycle, ALDI certified 424 stores – more stores than any supermarket chain has previously and all at the highest Platinum-Level Certification. 

Hillphoenix (Conyers, Ga.) achieved this recognition for the tenth consecutive year as the commercial systems manufacturer with the most systems installed in GreenChill Certified Stores in the past year. 

Store Re-Certification Excellence 

Fifty-seven stores were recognized for achieving GreenChill Store Certification for five consecutive years. Recipients include 31 ALDI locations across New York and California; 21 Sprouts Farmers Market stores in Arizona, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kansas, California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Nevada; three Meijer stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois; one Target store in Sausalito, Calif.; and one Weis Markets store in Fogelsville, Pa.