Bakery ingredient supplier Puratos USA is looking to change the game for soft, sweetbreads with the launch of its new Intens Puraslim. This bread improver can reduce both calories and saturated fat in breads as well as increase the cost-efficiency of bread production, all while maintaining taste and freshness.

“From Puratos’ proprietary global consumer study, Taste Tomorrow, we know that 39% of consumers check nutrition labels on baked goods for fat content,” says Sean Hart, R&D manager for bakery mixes & improvers at Puratos USA. “But typically, they expect baked goods with lower fat to have a different taste. At Puratos, we were determined to create a product that helped manufacturers reduce fat and costs, without changing the consumer’s experience in these indulgent baked goods.”

Intens Puraslim can reduce up to 50% of in-dough solid fat in sweet bread and pastry recipes. It can be added to doughs that have a minimum of 10% fat, such as cinnamon rolls, danish, brioche, tortillas and conchas.

In a recent sensory study, the company found that consumers were unable to differentiate between two cinnamon buns when tasting both a full-fat bun and a 50% reduced-fat cinnamon bun made with Intens Puraslim.

Intens Puraslim features a patented enzyme found in Yellowstone National Park that can provide a more pleasant short bite at high temperatures. Puratos researchers discovered this enzyme and its ability to improve the texture of bread through its Innovation Inspired by Nature approach, which focuses on enzymes as a natural resource in developing better-for-you bakery solutions.

Intens Puraslim can help bakers save on costs and improve operational efficiencies with reduced mix time and elimination of refrigerated ingredients.