SAN FRANCISCO — 4505 Meats is debuting a new line of premium sausage snacks. Crafted with two ounces of high-quality humanely-raised pork and packed with18-24 grams of protein per serving, the snacks are keto-certified, paleo-friendly and gluten-free. 

"I'm more of a butcher than a businessperson," said Ryan Farr, founder/chef of 4505 Meats. "I knew if 4505 was going to offer a meat snack, it had to be more sausage than stick. Butcher's Snacks are inspired by my favorite recipes and as a big sausage nerd, I am proud to offer these delicious Butcher's Snacks to my fellow meat lovers." 

4505 Butcher's Snacks are available in three flavors: 

  • Original Recipe – A snappy take on a Midwest favorite — the Bratwurst. Made with caraway and thyme — each bite is bursting with flavors you know and love. 
  • Cheddar & Bacon – Studded with chunks of cheddar cheese and uncured bacon, two meaty favorite foods have been combined in one link.  
  • Red Hot – A spicy number that gets its extra kick from paprika, cayenne, coriander and a little yellow mustard. A BBQ joint classic. 

4505 Butcher's Snacks are available now on Amazon and at Sprouts Farmers Market. They will be launching nationally in Whole Foods this fall with other major retailer roll-outs to follow. SRP $2.99 per meaty two-ounce link.