WASHINGTON – As the country transitions to a new president in the White House, the North American Meat Institute is hosting a Post-Election Outlook Series addressing how the new administration and a divided US Congress might impact the meat and poultry industry. The free online event will be held Dec. 8-10 at 1:00 p.m. EST each day.

Among the topics to be discussed by a panel of experts are:

  • COVID-19 and related issues such as liability protection, social distancing guidelines, and OSHA citations.
  • Industry structure and marketing issues, such as mandatory price reporting, spot market buying, and potentially problematic rules.
  • Labeling and other product definitions that could be disruptive to processors.
  • Important trade agreements and the approach a Biden Administration may follow regarding them. 

Each day will focus on a general topic. “Election results-Where are We Now?” is the topic on Dec. 8; “Policy Issues Affecting the Meat Industry” will be the focus on Dec. 9; and “Regulatory Implications of the Administration” will be discussed on Dec. 10. An overview and the full agenda for each day is available online and free online registration is available here.