PHOENIX - Refrigerated salsa brand Fresh Cravings’ Game Day Eats Report has found that six in ten consumers are now likely to bring their tailgate parties to their homes, bringing a variety of foods from the grocery store to game day gatherings. 

Key findings from the report included: 

  • Women are twice as likely as men to say that they are "grazers," eating smaller amounts of all different types of food over an extended period of time at tailgating events. 

  • Chicken wings are the favorite tailgating food among nearly all sports fans, except for NASCAR fans, who prefer hamburgers, and golf fans, who prefer salads and veggies. 

  • Most sports fans (97%) enjoy eating dip. 

  • The overall favorite type is Buffalo Chicken Dip. 

  • Ranch is more popular in the Midwest; Buffalo Chicken in the Northeast and West; Queso in the South. 

  • Women are more likely to prefer Ranch and 7-Layer Dip, and men are more likely to prefer Buffalo Chicken Dip and Salsa. 

  • Many tailgaters (52%) would try a vegan dip at a tailgate, including 6 in 10 Northeasterners. Men are more likely than women to try a vegan dip (58% vs. 44%, respectively). 

  • Salsa is an important component of a homegating or tailgating party. 

  • With the absence of salsa, 22% of guests would insist on running out to pick some up and 18% would be devastated and consider leaving. 

  • Restaurant-style salsa is the fan favorite. 

  • One in five tailgaters prefer a restaurant-style salsa, and nearly half prefer a medium spice. 

  • Preferences for mild heat are highest in the Midwest and 'bring the pain' heat is highest in the South. 

"As an avid sports fan myself, I know how meaningful it's been for many of us to see the return of some of our favorite sporting events, albeit safely from home," said Jay Whitney, president of FoodStory Brands. "It means a great deal to us that Fresh Cravings can elevate that experience for fans with a variety of fresh salsas and dips for any homegating setup." 

Fresh Cravings offers chilled salsas in Restaurant Style or Chunky ranging from mild to hot, and most recently launched Pico de Gallo salsa. The brand also offers a lineup of hummus and Plant-Based Dips in beloved flavor profiles, including Kickin' Queso, French Onion, Spinach Artichoke, and Creamy Garlic.