HAYWARD, CALIF. - Chowbotics has developed enhanced technology for its fresh food robot, Sally the Robot, designed to create self-serve experiences with a contactless process. 

To drive the contactless ordering process, Chowbotics has created an app customers can use to order from the robot. Users can browse the menu and place an order with their smart device. Once they arrive at the robot, they scan a QR code to complete the order and Sally distributes the fresh food order. 

“We realized that with the pandemic there was growing demand for a contactless ordering experience,” said Rick Wilmer, chief executive officer of Chowbotics. “Customers greatly appreciate the custom nature of Sally’s made-to-order meals and easy-to-use interface, but they also want to reduce surface contacts, which our contactless ordering experience provides.” 

Sally the Robot can make a wide variety of custom meals for shoppers including Three Bean Salad, Thai Noodle Salad, Poke, or a Smoked Brisket Bowl, for example. 

“Sally also offers some very unique capabilities and opens a new, creative world for foodservice teams,” said Kang Kuan, vice president of culinary for Chowbotics. “We’re working directly with clients to develop menus that cater to their specific audiences and address their dietary preferences.” 

The new features for Sally the Robot also include Chowbotics’ robot cloud management platform and a new video interface that allows operators to engage with shoppers and market specific items. Watch a demonstration video to see how the robot works here