DENVER – Sustainability initiatives that are part of Tyson Foods Inc.’s beef processing operations and its cattle supply chain were recognized by the US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) on March 2.  USRSB recognized programs administered by Tyson’s feedyard partners, its FarmCheck on-farm system and its processing plants for complying with its US Beef Industry Framework.

USRSB said the framework is a resource that provides guidelines for key areas of sustainability and identifies opportunities for improvement across the beef value chain. The framework measures priority-based indicators and sector-specific metrics to assess the sustainability of operations. Alignment recognition is given based on third-party reviews of each program’s approach to sustainability principles such as animal welfare, land and water resources and air and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our company is committed to continuously improving the sustainability of our beef business and this includes partnering with our livestock suppliers to encourage best practices.” said Shane Miller, senior vice president and general manager of beef enterprise for Tyson. “We’re pleased to be recognized for our efforts in this important area.”

“This recognition demonstrates a commitment of Tyson Foods to continuous improvement and sustainability in the beef supply chain,” said USRSB Chairman Ben Weinheimer. “The US Beef Industry Sustainability Framework was designed to help communicate the great strides the industry has and continues to make in beef sustainability. Partnering with organizations like Tyson Foods demonstrates our commitment to beef sustainability across the entire supply chain, which, in turn, continues to improve trust in US beef among consumers.”

More information on the US Beef Industry Sustainability Framework can be found here.