SÃO PAULO, Brazil – JBS SA announced its plan to launch several new items during the Gulfood 2020 show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

First, JBS will offer its Farms Friboi, a brand offering beef cuts that is said to have less fat and focused on healthfulness. The Farms Friboi line, offers beef products from free-range animals raised on farms in Brazil.

 The next group of products will be the Incredible Range, which offers a variety of 100 percent plant-based products under its Seara brands. Seara will reveal its Gourmet Incredible Burger, which is a vegetable burger made of soy, garlic and onions.

The Seara Professional has also been developed specifically for the Middle East foodservice market. This includes customized portions that cater to specific preferences of breaded chicken, raw and natural chicken breast and burgers for both beef and chicken. Also, marinated chicken and ingredients with shredded cooked chicken and shredded beef are included in the line.

The company also plans to unveil Biomolecule i, a product that gives five new products flavors and textures similar to their traditional counterparts: burgers (chicken and beef), breaded products, kibbeh and oriental meat.

The corned beef brand from JBS called Bordon will also be available soon in the following flavors: spicy, onion and chunky that included shredded meat.

Next, JBS plans to show its Exeter line, another Friboi prepared foods brand that serves the African market for meat. This product received a new layout with modern, easy-to-read labels and broadened its portfolio, which now includes Frankfurter sausages, Brazilian bean, luncheon meat and hamburgers.

The company also showed off brands from other JBS operations in the US and Australia.