Walmart is surging past Amazon as Americans’ favorite online grocery source, according to a new study.

About 37% of respondents in Lake Success, New York-based Retail Feedback  Group’s 2019 U.S. Online Grocery Shopper Study said Walmart was their most recent source of online groceries. Amazon was second with 29%.

More than half of shoppers tried or shopped with only one online grocery provider in the last twelve months. About 20% indicated they shop mostly or only online for food and groceries, while 32% indicated they shop online and in-store about equally.

About 48% mostly shop instore and occasionally shop online for food and groceries. Fulfillment by pickup appears to be “picking up” with 47% of those surveyed now indicating their orders were picked up (compared to 43% last year).

Amazon still registers the highest score on a five-point scale of “overall satisfaction” where five is highest (4.60; a drop from 4.70 last year), followed by Walmart (4.45; a drop from 4.54 last year) and Supermarkets/Food Stores (4.43; an improvement from 4.36 last year). Interestingly, shoppers with orders fulfilled by Instacart have an overall satisfaction score of 4.58, similar to that of Amazon, and higher than both Walmart and Supermarkets/Food Stores.

The research also captured generational differences with online shopping for food and groceries, finding Boomers remain the most satisfied (4.56), followed by Gen X (4.48) and Millennials (4.45).

“As Walmart increases their focus on online grocery shopping, it appears to be resulting in more trial given the surge in shoppers reporting using Walmart for their most recent online grocery shopping experience, beating out Amazon,” says Brian Numainville, Retail Food Group principal. “At the same time, Supermarkets/Food Stores also appear to be gaining ground in increased overall satisfaction, as compared to last year, and now register the highest percentage of first-time users, showing positive momentum for the channel.”