All self-contained refrigerated display cases made by merchandiser specialist Structural Concepts are in compliance with upcoming regulations on hydrofluorocarbons.

The CARB regulations, which regulate the amount of HFCs, a known contributor to climate change, go into effect in January.

To get into compliance, Structural Concepts dedicated more than 4,000 hours at its research, development and product testing facility.

Replacing refrigerants in its condensing units with approved low-emission refrigerants, Structural Concepts’ self-contained cases now have approximately one quarter the global warming potential (GWP) of their predecessors.

The new EPA-compliant cases – which are used in both foodservice operations and supermarkets – do not add costs or represent any new maintenance challenges for customers.

In addition to the new, low-emission display cases, conversion kits are also available to bring current equipment up to new regulatory standards.