For years, buzzy articles about Millennials, and their shopping and eating habits, have gotten more wrong than correct. Some things are easy to verify, such as the size of the cohort, at more than 72 million of the United States population. Millennials’ spending power is often correctly stated at $1.4 trillion, at least as of 2020.

Where those speculative food articles start to go off the rails is when touting Millennials’ obsession for Instagram-worthy avocado toast, acai bowls, or oat milk lattes. So fervent was the apparent Millennial love for granola and kombucha that the whole generation was soon accused of “killing” various food categories, such as cereal, cheese, and even beer.

And then, during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, Millennials proved every single one of these assumptions wrong. While spending surged in all sectors of grocery stores, an Information Resources, Inc. study showed no department saw greater growth than meat—both fresh and processed—among Millennial shoppers.

This revelation lays bare the true needs and wants of Millennial shoppers, who, already the most financially vulnerable generation, expect the economic impact of COVID to last for years. Millennials shopping for value and easy-to-prepare portions of flavorful meat cuts and blends from brands they can trust find the characteristics of Swaggerty’s standards in premium pork sausage very attractive. Swaggerty’s makes fresh and frozen sausage for consumers of all ages with specific dietary restrictions.

Fresh and frozen foods that can be prepared within 10 to 15 minutes are attractive to Millennial meat shoppers, who are currently between the ages of 26 and 40, especially since 53% of Millennial households have children. That’s right; these buyers that the media still manages to portray as social media-obsessed children are actually adults with families of their own now. Swaggerty’s fresh and frozen premium pork sausage products meet even the most exacting standards of Millennial consumers: easy to prepare, flavorful, affordable, versatile, and easy to indulge two or three times per week or more.

The reports that Millennials would rather eat in restaurants or order delivery may also be greatly exaggerated. A study by The Hartman Group shows that 63% enjoy cooking, and 71% eat home-cooked meals as often as possible. This age group does tend to prefer recipes that promise plenty of flavor while meeting dietary needs. Swaggerty’s Farm provides a vast selection of recipes, ranging in cook time and difficulty, to offer choices for even the most diet-conscious of Millennial moms. Selections include paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and fully decadent breakfasts, appetizers, family-style meals, dinners, and kid-friendly meals.

As for being a brand that Millennials can trust, Swaggerty’s has been the gold standard in premium pork sausage products since 1930. The brand is still American-family owned and operated, and the recipient of multiple food safety and quality awards from multiple internationally recognized organizations.

Truly, what more could a Millennial shopper ask for?