Blended burgers featuring beef and mushrooms recently have gained traction in food service as consumers increasingly seek to reduce meat consumption for health and environmental reasons. Bush Brothers & Co. is introducing a twist on the trend.

The Bush’s Best Blended Burger combines beef, mushrooms, great northern beans and salt. The patty has less fat and fewer calories than a conventional beef burger, according to the company. One serving contains 210 calories, 14 grams of fat and 14 grams of protein.

“One third of Americans say they are flexitarian, mostly because it allows them to eat healthy without removing the foods they love,” Bush Brothers & Co. said. “The Bush’s Best Blended Burger has the great flavor and juiciness of a traditional beef burger, with all the benefits of plant-based protein.”

Available to food service operators as frozen, pre-formed, 4-oz raw patties, the product looks, cooks and tastes like an all-beef burger, according to the company.