Publix announced this week it is furthering its collaboration with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative to identify issues impacting sustainability in the seafood industry.

The Lakeland, Florida-based retailer says the alliance allows Publix customers to make informed, responsible choices about seafood.

“Participation with SFP helps Publix better understand important issues surrounding seafood sustainability,” says Maria Brous, Publix's director of media and community relations. “This partnership allows us to identify where change is needed the most and empowers Publix to invest in fisheries to help them gain necessary resources to improve their sustainability practices.”

The company says consumers will now be able to easily identify which seafood purchases come from a sustainable source or are responsible raised or caught. Responsibly sourced and sustainably sourced icons will appear with the price tags at the full-service seafood department and on shelf tags in the frozen seafood case. Products labeled with these icons have met rigorous SFP and GSSI standards for responsible and sustainable seafood practices.