The National Fisheries Institute is working with IBM's Food Trust blockchain-enabled system to begin a comprehensive seafood supply chain traceability pilot program. The work is the first multi-company and seafood species effort.

“We are excited that NFI and the real seafood value chain will test IBM’s technology,” says NFI president John Connelly.  “NFI members’ supply chains are dynamic and wide reaching, a fertile ground for this type of pilot.”

NFI members who represent harvesters, importers, processors, cold storage, foodservice restaurants and retail are involved in the program.

Financial support for the work comes from the Seafood Industry Research Fund.

“Traceability is nothing new to the seafood community but blockchain is,” says SIRF fhairman  and Fortune Fish & Gourmet CEO Sean O'Scannlain.  “Whether it’s farmed or wild, we will test how IBM’s Food Trust can help seafood businesses generate revenue and reduce costs, from harvest to distribution to our customers.” 

IBM's system helps companies set rules about who can see the data they upload and for how long. Companies can maintain control of the data even after it has been uploaded to Food Trust.

  "Blockchain technology has the potential to transform any industry, especially when we have multi-stakeholder environments, businesses and organizations participating,” says Raj Rao, general manager for IBM Food Trust. “Blockchain can digitize information, capture it in a decentralized system and convey it in a secure way and allows for permissioned viewing rights. We are delighted to work closely with NFI, and the seafood industry in this pioneering endeavor.”