Whole Foods Market has ended “Meatless Mondays” promotion in its prepared foods departments.

Stores in states including New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states had the promotion, in which shoppers could pay $8 to fill their plate with as much non-meat food as they wanted, according to a story in businessinsider.com

Some shopper got as much as 70% off through the promotion, according to the story.

Whole Foods charges shoppers by the pound for prepared foods. In Richmond, Virginia, shoppers pay $8.99 per pound of food from Whole Foods' hot bars.

The grocery chain's plates can hold more than three pounds of food, which means shoppers could get a discount of up to 70% off a plate of food on Meatless Mondays.

According to the story, signs posted in stores read: "A change is on the way. As of December 31, 2018, the $8 flat rate Meatless Monday Program will come to an end. We are excited about the fresh new Meatless options we are working on that will be rolling out in 2019."

Whole Foods declined to comment for the story.