Several new TV ads from Whole Foods Market highlight the grocery chain’s deli and prepared foods offerings.

The series of ads, dubbed “Whatever makes you whole,” features two ads of a shopper interacting with an employee at a deli cheese case and one ad of two shoppers eating in a wine-and-tapas bar within  Whole Foods.

In the first cheese ad, the shopper says to the clerk, “I hear you have a degree in cheese.” The clerk answers, “I do. I went to cheese school,” and the shopper concludes the spot with, “I’d like to go to cheese school.”

In the second cheese ad, the same shopper deliveries a humorous speech to the same clerk about how he’s looking for a soft cheese, “but not too soft.”

In the wine bar-and-tapas ad, two shoppers sitting at a table drinking wine and eating tapas make plans for a social occasion. One shopper receives a text, then says to her friend, “I told them we’re shopping,” to which the friend responds, “We’re totally shopping.”