According to a survey conducted by Imprint Plus, 70 percent of shoppers either prefer shopping online or prefer a combination of online and in-store shopping. Thirty-two percent prefer to shop online only while 37.8 percent prefer a combination.

However, when consumers are shopping for food, 86 percent prefer shopping in the store, mainly because of the ability to judge quality and freshness. Furthermore, the report noted that online food shopping's challenges with accepting food delivery made a difference.

Most of those who prefer shopping in-store (76 percent) said they frequented discounted mass merchandisers like Walmart and Target, followed by food retailers at 71.2 percent and drug stores and 50 percent. 

"Our survey tells us that consumers shop at brick and mortar retailers, primarily for discounted merchandise, food, drug, and health and beauty aids,  as well as for consumer electronics, appliances, building supplies, and clothing,” says Kristin MacMillan, president of Imprint Plus."The retail in store experience fulfills the need for using the senses as part of the shopping experience and feeling, touching and even smelling is utilized in merchandise selection."

Imprint Plus is the maker of re-usable, customized name badges and signage for retailers.