Convenience store giant 7-Eleven has partnered with Pillsbury for its latest hot to-go breakfast item.

The Pillsbury Stuffed Waffle, Irving, Texas-based 7-Eleven’s first stuffed waffle product, consists of an egg omelet, pork sausage and cheddar cheese inside a maple-flavored waffle. It retails for $2.49 MSRP.

The 4.5 oz handheld product is designed for consumers who don’t have much time for breakfast, says Kelly Buckley, 7-Eleven’s vice president of fresh food innovation.

"Traditional waffles are a favorite breakfast treat when people want to indulge, but it's not a food you can really eat on the go in your car or at your desk," she says. "People know they shouldn't skip breakfast, but most days they don't have the time to prepare a hot breakfast and sit down to eat it. The Pillsbury Stuffed Waffle is a quick and delicious solution – a hot, filling breakfast that is easy to eat and packed with protein and flavor."

Like all 7-Eleven products, the Pillsbury Stuffed Waffle is available throughout the day.