Volpi Foods has made a bold addition to its Roltini Singles snack lines.

The company’s latest product, Oaxaca cheese wrapped with thin slices of uncured chorizo, joins flavors include mozzarella with prosciutto, spicy salame and pepperoni.

Volpi partnered with 7-Eleven on the line of 1.5 oz snacks, which are merchandised in 12 count display boxes and sold in retailers' fresh coolers.

"We're on a mission to make good food portable," says Deanna Depke, Volpi’s marketing manager. "Our fans are craving more convenient options along  with  smaller  portions  as  they  shift away from the traditional three meals-a-day rule and embrace a more frequent snacking schedule." 

The marriage of a classic Hispanic cheese and a Spanish-style chorizo is the company's boldest flavor combination and aims to appeal to a  large part of the population looking for a sense of culinary adventure in a familiar format, Depke says of the latest addition to the line.