Best Sanitizers Inc.’s latest cleaning product for the foodservice industry is quaternary ammonium-free.

Penn Valley, California-based Best Sanitizers’ Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer is a sanitizer and cleaner for hard, non-porous surfaces and can be used throughout food processing plants. The product joins the Alpet line of hand soaps, hand sanitizers and surface sanitizers commonly used by foodservice customers.

The quat-free sanitizer is ready-to-use, requires no rinse and is highly evaporative and ideal for water-sensitive equipment and dry processing environments. The product kills 99.999% of E. coli, salmonella, listeria and other bacteria in 60 seconds.

“This is a new and unique surface sanitizer that provides processors who can’t use quat with an effective tool in the fight against cross-contamination,” says Ryan Witt, Best Sanitizers’ vice president of sales and marketing.

Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer is available in 1 qt bottles with trigger sprayers, 5 gal pails and 5 gal pails with insert-and-dip tube to fit Best Sanitizers’ footwear sanitizing units and 50 gal drums.