Excalibur Seasoning’s newest product line caters to the health-conscious.

The company will officially roll out its phosphate-free dry marinades at the American Association of Meat Processors’ annual convention in July.

The marinades come in six of Excalibur’s most popular flavors:

  • Honey BBQ – always a sweet and smoky treat
  • Garlic & Herb – a delicious blend on your chicken, pork or beef products
  • Steakhouse Mix – perfect for choice cuts of red meat
  • Italian Parmesan – offers a special blend of select herbs and notes of creamy cheese
  • Sundried Tomato Basil – a sweet and savory mix
  • Sweet Bourbon – a perfect combination of brown sugar and whiskey

“Today’s protein consumers are more than just hearty eaters. They are careful label readers,” according to Excalibur.