Publix Bakery is looking to take its bread offerings to the next level with the debut of its Italian-inspired Tutto Pugliese.

The company’s Tutto bread is made exclusively from durum wheat semolina flour and certified sourdough flour, typically used to make pasta. It’s grown and milled in Italy and then processed in Belgium. Tutto bread has a distinct taste of its own with its roasted nutty flavor.

Aside from the flour, another thing that separates Tutto from other breads is its moisture level. Since it has a higher hydration than other breads produced in the bakery, it needs extra handling, so each loaf is shaped by hand.

Preparing the dough takes almost 3 hours. Aging the bread enriches and enhances its taste and texture, so it’s put in a cooler to chill for the night. In the morning, it’s proofed to the proper size and then it goes into the oven. The final result is a soft bread with a creamy nutty flavor and crispy crust.

Tutto Pugliese and cheese medley varieties are available daily. The Tutto Onion Asiago is another option available daily and is perfect for those who prefer a bolder choice. More varieties will be available later this year. For a new experience, customers can request that Pub subs can be made with a fresh slice of Tutto Pugliese at the deli.