Demand for meat seasonings and marinades is surging in commissaries and grocery stores alike, as retailers seek to find ways to differentiate their products from their competitors.

“It is definitely on the rise,” said John Brewer, vice president of sales and marketing for Excalibur Seasoning. “With the high cost of almost all proteins, consumers are looking for value now more than ever.”

There’s no better way to fit the budget than to produce value cuts that are tender, easy to prepare, taste great, and create center of the plate options by applying a seasoning or marinade, he said.

“This fits right into Excalibur’s wheelhouse.”

One of the latest innovations from Excalibur is Primetime Black Charcoal, a smokey and savory blend that creates a perfect crust to enhance any grilled, baked or pan fried meat and seafood, Brewer said.

“The garlic and onion notes make it a great rub for steaks, ribs, brisket — even vegetables.”

Also new from Excalibur is Thai Chili Rub — a go-to, Brewer said, for any Asian-themed meal. Coconut sugar, garlic, onion and Thai chili peppers combine to create the perfect sweet heat. Look for more seasonings from Excalibur that tap into surging demand for Asian flavors, Brewer said.

“Asian flavors are trending well, so we anticipate new product development heading in that direction.”

Demand for new products from other cultures is also high, he added. Excalibur’s R&D recently developed a Chili Lime marinade that’s enjoying robust sales. 

“We’re particularly excited that one of our processing customers is using this as a marinade for chicken breasts, and plans are in place for a rollout with a nationwide retailer.”

This article is an excerpt from the April 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Value-added feature and more in the digital edition here.