Troy, Ohio-based Hobart has a wide array of meat room equipment that’s suitable for commissary kitchens, including meat saws, meat grinders and mixer-grinders, said Megan Gray, produce line manager.

man using Hobart meat grinderSource: Hobart

“Commissary kitchens are doing a large volume of processing, which means they need equipment that can handle large capacities,” Gray said. “Hobart mixer-grinders are designed to increase production and decrease labor time.”

Hobart’s MG1532 and MG2032 are the company’s best options for commissary kitchens, she added. The MG1532 has a 150-pound capacity and the MG2032 has a 200-pound capacity.

Hobart mixer-grinders, meanwhile, can mix and grind meat at the same time without compromising quality. 

That’s because they have two separate motors: a 7.5-hp grind motor and 1-hp mix motor. This combination makes it easy to create blends of meat for burgers or to combine seasonings into meat for sausage, Gray said.

Hobart is seeing an increase in commissary activities across all of its food equipment categories, including meat rooms.

“Retailers are doing whatever is best for their operation,” Gray said. “Many are taking their meat cutting and grinding into a commissary setting to accommodate footprint, while others find it important to maintain in-store processing.”