In March, Mogul ranked The Kroger Co. in the top three out of 100 companies in its Best Workplace for Diverse Professionals list.

“We appreciate Mogul for recognizing Kroger’s commitment to creating a welcoming workplace for all associates, from all walks of life,” said Tim Massa, senior vice president and chief people officer. “We strive to be an employer that associates are proud to work for, where diversity and differences are celebrated, and growth opportunities are endless. We are proud of the impacts we have made and look forward to continuing our journey to achieve even greater progress.”

Kroger said the company’s ‘Framework for Action’ plan includes the following:

  • Creating a more inclusive culture
  • Developing diverse talent
  • Advancing diverse partnerships
  • Advancing equitable communities
  • Deeply listening and reporting progress

How is DEI measured?

HR tech and recruitment firm Mogul’s criteria for evaluating the Best Workplaces for Diverse Professionals includes the following:

  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: Public evidence of long-term commitment to DEI, including specific policies, programs and initiatives
  • Representation: Public assessment of diversity in the workforce, especially in leadership roles and traditionally underrepresented groups
  • Workplace Culture and Environment: Public evidence of the inclusiveness of the workplace culture, employee satisfaction and retention rates, especially among diverse groups
  • Community and Social Impact: Public involvement in community outreach programs related to DEI, partnerships with minority-owned businesses and other social impact initiatives
  • Innovation in DEI Practices: Public implementation of unique or innovative strategies to promote DEI within the organization

This article is an excerpt from the April 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire DEI feature and more in the digital edition here.