BRIDGEVIEW, ILL. — Stampede Culinary Partners Inc. announced the release of its first benchmark study on the state of commercial sous vide. According to the company, the study is the largest published research project on commercial sous vide with over 1,000 survey participants including leaders in the restaurant, retail, hospitality, healthcare and entertainment industries.

The sous vide market is currently worth $15 billion and accounts for a significant portion of the global meat market alone. Survey participants indicated that the three most important reasons for choosing sous vide products are quality (98%), safety (90%) and cost (86%). The sous vide process allows for relief for the food service industry as the pre-cooked food preparation method significantly cuts down cooking time, equipment needs and staff required to maintain food production levels.

“You’re going to see sous vide products — especially meat and other proteins — explode as restaurant and retail operators continue to look for ways to simplify and optimize labor because it takes so much of the guesswork out of the equation,” said a senior food scientist and R&D lead from the study.

Of those surveyed for the benchmark, over 70% said they have significantly increased their purchasing of sous vide products since 2020.

Companies represented in the survey included several multi-billion dollar organizations, Fortune 500 companies and household name brands like Yum!, Target, 7-Eleven, Hyatt, Tyson, Kraft Heinz and others.

The State of Sous Vide 2023 research report is now available to the public.