MUNSTER, IND. — Land O’Frost Inc., a processor of pre-sliced deli meats and value-added meat items, announced that it would start producing hard salami again as part of its premium product range.

The company stated that the items were seeing overwhelming demand and hoped to satisfy the cravings of salami consumers nationwide.

“We are excited to bring back hard salami to our Land O’Frost Premium line,” said Brandon Stephenson, brand manager for Land O’Frost Premium Meat. “Our customers have been eagerly requesting its return, and we are thrilled to deliver on their desires. We take pride in offering a wide variety of high-quality deli meats, and the reintroduction of hard salami further solidifies our commitment to providing exceptional products that satisfy our customers’ needs and our purpose to make each day more fulfilling than the last.”

Land O’Frost noted that the updated hard salami will undergo an improved cure for a softer texture and a more enjoyable and satisfying taste. The meat producer expects the salami to be used on sandwiches, salads, and even as a stand-alone snack.

The product is expected to be available at retailers nationwide, including Food Lion, multiple divisions of Kroger, Spartan Nash, AWG, Meijer, and several others.