OXNARD, CALIF. — Primal Kitchen, a manufacturer of sauces and condiments, has launched its first line of dipping sauces.

Each sauce is inspired by restaurant-style condiments and is designed to easily elevate everyday meals. The products are formulated free from seed oils, artificial sweeteners and cane sugars, with 2 grams of sugar or less per serving. Flavors include Chicken Dippin’, a mustard and apple cider vinegar sauce sweetened with pear juice; Special Sauce, a blend of mustard, mayonnaise and pickle relish to accompany burgers and fries; Yum Yum Sauce, a sauce for steak, shrimp, chicken and vegetables with sweet and tangy flavor notes; and Avocado Lime, for applications such as tacos and burritos.

“Dipping sauces have quickly become a pantry staple for consumers, with one in four US households now purchasing the subcategory,” said Audrey Burger, head of commercial strategy, insights and planning at Primal Kitchen. “However, the current options at shelf rely heavily on seed oils, like soybean or canola, refined sugars and artificial ingredients. Our new dipping sauces bring you all the flavor of restaurant favorites, with the high-quality ingredients you’ve grown to expect from Primal Kitchen.”

All four sauce varieties are now available in 10-oz bottles online through the company’s website. Primal Kitchen plans to roll out the product into retailers like Whole Foods Market, Thrive Market and select Walmart stores in May.