BEAVERTON, ORE. — DuraLabel’s new Kodiak Max Industrial Sign and Label Print System is now available for companies to create custom, industrial-strength signs and labels in-house.

“Users can instantly create messaging to their exact specifications; alter or append messages at a moment’s notice; create permanent safety signs or temporary/seasonal signage; and save time and money versus outsourcing,” the company said.

The Kodiak Max Print Systems all come with LabelForge PRO design software pre-installed. This makes it easy for users to begin designing from one of thousands of templates or from scratch. DuraLabel said the software supports 14 different languages and multiple keyboard layouts.

“The uses for Kodiak Max are limitless,” the company said. “Typical uses include Arc Flash/Electrical Warnings, OSHA Notices, Chemical Labels, Equipment Labels, Pipe Marking, NFPA Labels, Wayfinding, Rack/Bay Identification and more. Regulatory compliance labels are also preloaded and automatically updated if regulations change.”

DuraLabel said the Kodiak Max Print System is ready to use upon opening the box with fast and easy setup. It connects to Wi-Fi and features a touchscreen display and a wireless keyboard. The software also has an intuitive user interface, the company said.

“The Kodiak Max Print System uses thermal transfer technology to ensure durability, vibrant colors, and sharp, 300 DPI text, graphics, barcodes and QR codes,” DuraLabel said. “Signs and labels can be printed in two colors in sizes up to 10” wide x 100” long. Quick load ribbon cartridges make color changes fast and easy. Seven ribbon colors and 17 vinyl tape colors allow for a wide range of color schemes.” 

According to the company, the system’s DuraLabel Premium Vinyl is resistant to water, petroleum, UV light and chemicals. Its adhesive performs well in outdoor environments and warehouses/facilities that are not climate-controlled.

DuraLabel said the equipment is built and tested in the United States, and the company offers lifetime customer support, service, setup, and design guidance, along with a five-year warranty for the printer and supplies.