DE PERE, WIS. — NewTree Fruit Co. is expanding with the addition of two facilities within the next two years. The company currently operates out of a processing plant in Traverse City, Mich. They are also in the process of raising capital to increase capacity and augment business development and marketing efforts, according to the company.

“NTFC has only recently pivoted from being a research and development company,” said Chad Anderson, co-founder of NewTree. “Now we’re solely focused on commercialization and expanding our footprint in the sugar reduction space utilizing our globally patented De-Sugaring technology. Recent commitments from current and new customers have accelerated the already planned expansion of our production facility. Two existing brands increased their orders nearly tenfold, while new clients have placed orders for $1.5 million in revenue for 2024. This does not include additional potential volume from business development currently in our pipeline.”

In addition, the company is looking to enter licensing agreements with key food and beverage companies in domestic and international markets, the company said.

NewTree removes 100% of naturally occurring sugars from fruit juice through a culturing method called de-sugaring. It currently has removed sugar from a cranberry juice concentrate. Through its process of de-sugaring, the company is aiming to remove sugar from the supply chain rather than reduce sugar offerings in products to consumers through dilution, the company said.