ORLANDO, FLA. — Citrus America exhibited at the International Fresh Produce Association's (IFPA) 2023 Global Produce & Floral Show in October in Anaheim, Calif., with its partner Noble Citrus as part of the Fresh From Florida Pavilion.

The company’s vice president of national sales Jay Gardner attended to meet with grocery store representatives, leading produce distributors and other produce industry professionals.

The Citrus America team led demonstrations of its juicing equipment and solutions with an emphasis on efficiency, customer experience and healthy profits.

“Demonstrations showcased how the company's high-quality commercial citrus juicers, when strategically placed at customers' locations, can significantly amplify citrus volumes, delivering a mutually beneficial solution that strengthens the foundation of businesses and enhances consumer experiences,” the team said. “The Citrus America booth became a focal point for attendees to witness the effortless operation and swift cleaning process of the juicers. The equipment was expertly disassembled in less than a minute, offering a striking example of the company's commitment to user-friendly, hygienic, and innovative design.”