IMMOKALEE, FLA. — Lipman Family Farms has introduced two new types of tomatoes, which have both won the International Taste Institute's 2023 Superior Taste Award.

The new tomato varieties are called Monet Red and Bellavina.

“We are excited to introduce two new flavorful tomatoes and delighted to receive international acclaim for their taste profiles,” said Elyse Lipman, CEO for Lipman Family Farms. “Our commitment to research and development to grow innovative varieties with flavor as the key differentiator has come to fruition,” she added.

The Monet Red is a cocktail tomato grown in a greenhouse, available year-round. Lipman describes the Monet Red tomatoes as round and sweet with a vibrant red color and recommends them for use in a garden salad, pasta dish or hors d'oeuvres.

Bellavina pack.pngSource: Lipman Family Farms

Bellavina tomatoes are also greenhouse-grown and available year-round. Lipman describes as having a bold red color on both the outside and inside and recommends Bellavina tomatoes to be used for freshly slicing, cooking, roasting or blending in sauces. According to the company, the Bellavina tomatoes received three out of three starts from the International Taste Institute.

“Our commitment to growing world-class food is a passion shared across our company,” Lipman said. “We recognize the importance of bringing new, exciting options to consumers across North America and are committed to partnering with the best in the industry to source improved greenhouse varietals.”

3D RENDERING2.pngSource: Lipman Family Farms

The company describes the packaging for the new tomatoes as premium with bold branding for consumer recognition.

Lipman is bringing the award-winning tomatoes to the SEPC’s Southern Innovations Sept. 14-16 in Charlotte, N.C., at booth 633, and to the IFPA’s Global Produce & Floral Show this Oct. 19-21 in Anaheim, Calif., at booth 3465.