DEXTER, MO. – After Tyson announced earlier this week that four US poultry processing plants would close, one city did not wait long to respond.

The city of Dexter, Mo., drafted a reply for its residents led by David Wyman, Dexter’s city administrator.

Wyman explained that the community has been an active part of the poultry production industry since the 1890s and the current plant location ran since it started as Swift Poultry Co. in the 1930s.

Closing the plant will impact 863 employees, along with chicken growers, farmers and truckers, among other people in the poultry supply chain.

According to officials, Tyson plans to stop operations at the facility on Oct. 13. 

“This plant closure comes from the corporate level, and local administration had no control over the decision,” Wyman said. “We need to remain positive about our local Tyson Management and local Tyson employees. They had zero input on the decision and we have enjoyed a tremendous relationship with them for years.”

He added that Dexter will focus on encouraging economic development when the plant shutdown occurs.

“We need to worry about the families here in town and we need to be extremely smart about our expenses,” Wyman said.

Other cities affected by the recent announcement include Noel, Mo., North Little Rock, Ark., and Corydon, Ind.