Back in 1998, Peri & Sons Farms began developing a truly sweet domestically grown onion and by 2003 our Sweetie Sweet® was market ready. That first 40-acre crop yielded about 1.6 million pounds. Now, after 20 years in the market, we sell over 55 million pounds of Sweetie Sweets across the USA and beyond.

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Source: Peri & Sons Farms

Our Sweetie Sweet onions (all 90 million of them) are grown, packed, and expediently shipped across the USA directly from our family farms. They do not spend days or weeks at sea or traveling across borders in multi-use cargo containers. While interstate truck transportation continues to have its challenges and expenses, it’s nothing compared to the headaches and expenses of importing produce in today’s world, not to mention the compromised shelf life.

Sweetie Sweets are unique in that we produce and control our own seed supply, so we can maintain optimal quality and integrity. During each growing season we use an advanced GPS mapping system, to target the best quality bulbs for our proprietary seed-production process. These special bulbs are nurtured and monitored until they are ready to produce our Sweetie seed. We make the extra effort to grow our own seed to ensure our Sweetie Sweet onions have a consistent flavor and quality profile year-after-year.

People often ask...

Why do Sweetie Sweet onions look different than typical yellow onions?

Sweetie Sweet onions have an overall lighter coloring of soft yellows and greens, and the outer skin is thinner/lighter. Yellow onions are typically copper brown in color with thicker skins.

Peri & Sons Farms Sweetie onions
Source: Peri & Sons Farms

Some sweet onions look “beat-up,” but your Sweeties look so good?

One of the things we do to ensure our Sweetie Sweet onions maintain the highest quality possible is that we still take the time, and incur the extra labor costs, to hand-harvest them in the field. Nowadays most onions are mechanically harvested using large machines. Unfortunately, these machines tend to nick and bruise the onions damaging the appearance, but more importantly damaging the skin, which allows bacteria to enter. Nicks and bruises compromise the onion’s quality and speed up the decay process. 

How do I store Sweetie Sweets?

For the best results, store Sweetie Sweets in a cool, dry place that is well ventilated. Optimal temperature should be around 39°F (4°C). This should allow them to last for a few weeks.

Is Sweetie Sweet grown from genetically modified seeds (GMO)?

No. Peri & Sons Farms uses traditional breeding techniques. We do not use GMOs or any form of genetic modification to produce our onions.

Is Sweetie Sweet grown using Sustainable Farming practices?

It took years of hard work, planning and preparation for Peri & Sons Farms to become the first domestic, onion farming operation to achieve the Sustainably Grown certification from SCS Global Services (SCS). The certification, first issued in January 2016, by SCS in accordance with the producer requirements of its Sustainably Grown standard, meets some of the world’s highest environmental, social, and economic criteria. We continue to uphold this important certification today.

Is Sweetie Sweet available as an Organic?

Year-after-year since 2006 our onions have been Certified USDA Organic by Organic Certifiers ( Peri & Sons Farms ORGANIC Sweetie Sweet onions continually meet, or even exceed, National Organic Program standards in accordance with the USDA’s and the EU’s strict government standards, procedures, and regulations.

Peri & Sons Farms Sweetie onions
Source: Peri & Sons Farms

Are Sweetie Sweets available all year?

Eating seasonally is healthier, more nutritious, and flavorful and better for the environment. You can find them in grocery stores across the U.S. from July through December every year. Our Sweetie Sweet onions are available in Organic (USDA Certified Organic certified by Organic Certifiers) and Premium (Certified Pesticide Residue Free* by SCS Global). Look for our colorful bags and tags to make sure you’re getting the real Sweetie Sweet.

Sweetie Sweets – The Best Choice

• No importing, repacking, or cross-docking

• Advanced growing techniques reduce shrink/increase shelf life

• Hand-harvesting reduces nicks and bruises, extending shelf life

• Temperature fluctuations are controlled every step of the way from shed to DC

• Unique and refined seed variety only grown by Peri & Sons Farms

• Consumers prefer to buy USA/local over imports whenever possible

• Grown, packed & shipped in a SUPERIOR food safety environment

• We create American jobs and help keep American Agriculture strong

• Less transit time to DC / destination

Peri & Sons Farms Sweetie onions
Source: Peri & Sons Farms

Your One-Stop for Sweets and All Onions

Avoid the headache and pitfalls of ordering through a web of suppliers and distribution channels and let us take care of all your onion needs. We’re a grower/packer/shipper with the most consistent premium products, sustainable packaging programs and the highest food-safety standards.

You may pay a bit more for Peri & Sons Farms onions, but in the long run, it will pay off in fewer rejections, increased quality, added sales/repeat purchases and reduced shrink. And one-stop shopping saves time and money.