DENVER — Potatoes USA conducted a survey to find the top nutritious potato trends across different regions of the country.

“As a dietitian, I know the nutritional power the potato packs,” said Bonnie Johnson, M.S., R.D., director of nutrition and industry relations, Potatoes USA. “I also know there are as many favorite potato dishes as there are Americans, and we loved seeing how people put the versatile potato to work in nutritious ways.”

Overall, baked potatoes were the top result (41%), and mashed potatoes followed in popularity (17%). The survey also found the following regional trends:

  • New England consumers had the highest preference for mashed potatoes (31%) over any other region.
  • Deep South, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific consumers preferred boiling and steaming potatoes (14%).
  • Outer South consumers put a huge emphasis on toppings (32%).
  • Great Lakes consumers preferred air fried potatoes (7%).
  • Farm Belt consumers preferred roasted potatoes (7%).
  • Mountain consumers were all about combining potatoes with other proteins and vegetables (13%).

“Potatoes are nutritious, delicious and affordable – and that’s something we can all agree on,” Johnson said.