Companies seeking to elevate the flavor and texture of baked foods with healthy grains may tune into a free on-demand webinar currently available on through May 12. The 13-minute webinar features insight from two Puratos product managers on Puratos Softgrain, a blend of sourdough-cooked whole grains and seeds. 

Michael Gleason, senior product manager of bakery at Puratos USA, and Kelly Patraju, associate product manager of bakery at Puratos USA, describe the ways in which Puratos Softgrain may boost bread’s nutritional value, taste and freshness.

“Using techniques from the past to create unique solutions for today’s bakers, Softgrain is the secret to baking premium bread with healthy whole grains and seeds that customers can see and taste,” according to the description for the webinar. “Learn how this process keeps bread fresh for longer, delivers enriched flavor and improves operational efficiency when baking with these complex ingredients.”

Gleason has a master’s degree in food science and nearly a decade of experience in the baking industry. His expertise is on value-added bakery ingredient techniques with a focus on clean label and health and well-being products.

Patraju has a master’s degree in personal care science. Her expertise is in brand/product marketing managing both global and national markets. She also has experience in category strategy development, portfolio management, new product commercialization and creating and executing marketing campaigns across digital platforms.

To register for the free webinar click here.