The Retail Bakers of America (RBA) has invited founder Jane Tyler and pro baker Luke Karl of cloud bakery management software system Cybake to present a live web event called Baking Technology: Data-Driven Production Planning & Waste Reduction at 2 pm CST, March 20, 2023.

This online session will look at how the replacement of cash registers by EPOS tills means that if you run a retail bakery, you are now amassing large amounts of data about the performance of your stores and your products.

Jane Tyler and Luke Karl will explain how this new data can be unlocked and used to properly analyze how products are really selling, when they are being sold and whether stores have the right amount of each line stocked at the right times. Using this knowledge, bakery owners can maximize daily sales in every store and keep a true grip of margins on all of your products.

Additionally, they will break down how this whole process can be managed by automated forecasting, thus cutting the need for human calculation and guesswork. There will also be a look at how artificial intelligence heralds a new age in which retail forecasting can be improved even further and why AI is no longer the preserve of the industry’s big players.

“It almost goes without saying that whether you are a single bakery store or a big chain, predicting how much you need to make is the key to profitability. The big question is how you do it,” says Jane Tyler. “We aim to show retail bakers how they can use the data they already have to make decisions based on data, rather than estimation.”

“It’s a goal of the RBA to provide bakers with the information and tools they need for success. One aspect of this success is a mastery of baking techniques and physical skill; the other side of it is a comprehensive understanding of business and technology,” says Marissa Sertich Velie, RBA education and certification director. “Through this collaboration with Cybake, we aim to support the profitability of retail bakers and, as a result, strengthen the industry as a whole.”

The Retail Bakers of America’s Baking Technology: Data-Driven Production Planning & Waste Reduction live web event takes place at 2 pm CT, March 20, 2023. Pre-registration is required and costs $5 for RBA members and $10 for non-members.