One trend that was prevalent at the International Fresh Produce Association’s (IFPA) Global Produce & Floral Show in October 2022 was tomato snack packs.

Miniature tomatoes are naturally the perfect size for snacking, and many companies have figured out that by labeling them as snacks or putting them in smaller containers, they become even more appealing for on-the-go convenience.

Kingsville, Ontario-based Red Sun Farms featured its snackable tomato product called Sweetpops.

“Our new little sweeter-than-sweet tomato is the ultimate snacking treat, for kids and adults alike,” the company said. “A combination of refreshing sweetness and perfect snack size, this bite sized tomato will release an explosion of juicy flavor that you just can’t stop snacking on.”

del fresco cardboard displaySource: Sosland Publishing Co.

Kingsville, Ontario-based DelFrescoPure showcased its Mini Mixers, a snack box of tomatoes that has a mixture of eight different varieties of tomatoes in one box. 

Greenhouse-grown Mini Mixers stem from an all-in-one approach to delicious flavor, texture and variety,” the company said. “Keeping your taste buds in suspense with every bite, these Mini Mixers tomatoes are a truly unique experience.”

Leamington, Ontario-based Nature Fresh Farms displayed its new 4-ounce Snack Supplies bags of Medley Tomatoes. 

“When we were discussing packaging, our team reminisced about the games on the back of cereal boxes and the toys inside them that used to draw us in as kids,” said Jane Rhyno, vice president of marketing and category development. “We thought these same concepts could work for our Snack Supplies.”

Each school-themed package comes with three stickers and either a word search, maze or crossword puzzle for kids to play.

nature-fresh-farms-packagingSource: Sosland Publishing Co.

San Antonio, Texas-based NatureSweet showcased its on-the-go packaging for its miniature tomatoes called Constellation To-Go and Cherubs To-Go.

“Experience our beloved tomatoes in to-go packaging for maximum snackability,” the company said. “Whichever one you choose, they both have delicious flavor and reliable freshness because NatureSweet tomatoes are hand-picked, packed and shipped to stores near you within a few days.”

sunset cardboard displaySource: Sosland Publishing Co.

Delta, British Columbia-based Village Farms featured a few different types of miniature tomatoes with unique names and aesthetically pleasing digital art designs on the packaging. The fun names include Lip Smackn’ Grapes, Maverick Mix, Heavenly Villagio Marzano, Cabernet Estate Reserve, Cherry No. 9 Fall in Love Again and Lorabella Blossom.

Kingsville, Ontario-based Sunset also has clever names and cute packaging for its tomato snack packs.

The Sprinkles variety comes in a plastic container shaped like a tomato with sprigs of green at the top to look like leaves.

“Don’t be fooled by their size – these unique micro-grape tomatoes explode with sweet flavor,” the company said. “Perfect for salads or for grabbing by the handful for a healthy snack, Sunset Sprinkles will delight kids of all ages.”