WASHINGTON — Beyond Meat Inc.’s request to consolidate five lawsuits into one was approved by the US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on Feb. 2.

The five lawsuits, pending in four different districts, center around false advertising and labeling practices.

“These actions share factual questions arising from allegations that Beyond Meat, which markets and sells plant-based meat substitutes, (1) miscalculates and overstates its products’ protein content; (2) miscalculates and overstates the quality of the products’ protein, which is represented as a percentage of daily value; and (3) misleads consumers into believing that the products provide the same nutritional benefits as traditional meat products,” the transfer order said.

The cases will be transferred to the Northern District of Illinois and, with the consent of that court, assigned to Judge Sara Ellis.

Beyond Meat and the plaintiffs from the various suits agreed that the Northern District of Illinois would be a good, centralized location for consolidation. Two of the suits were localized in that district, one in the Southern District of Iowa, one in the Eastern District of New York and one in Southern District of New York.