Rich Products has added another trend-forward option to its expansive menu for restaurant operators: the Gluten-Free Parbaked Detroit Style Pizza Crust. The new 9”x7” premium personal-sized crust satisfies growing consumer demand for gluten-free and Detroit style pizzas.

Like other parbaked pizza crusts from Rich’s, the Gluten Free Detroit Style Crust offers operators the flexibility and ease of a freezer-to-oven format that bakes up reliably and consistently every time with minimal skill required.

Detroit style pizza has been a trending pizza option for several years. It’s designed to offer a crusty edge for convenient eating. The thick crust is first loaded with toppings, then a layer of cheese, with the sauce added last. The result is a pie that bakes up with crispy, caramelized cheese around the edges.

“Rich’s truly has a pizza crust option for every consumer at the table,” says Alyssa Barrett, customer marketing manager, Rich Products. “The new Gluten Free Parbaked Detroit Style Pizza Crust is the ideal solution for Pizza Shops, QSRs, and fast casual restaurants. It’s a delicious crust that’s not only labor-friendly, but also uniquely meets the exploding demand for this regional pizza style and the growing requests for gluten-free alternatives.”

Certified Gluten Free, Rich’s Detroit Style Pizza Crust sets itself apart with its soft inside texture and crispy outside. It’s rated “Superior Clean Label,” with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup and no hydrogenated oils. It omits more than 70 sensitive ingredients such as bleached flour, MSG and added sulfites. The crusts are each 9 ounces, and come 20 per case, with a shelf life of 240 days frozen or 7 days refrigerated. Simply remove from the freezer, top, bake and serve.