WESTMINSTER, COLO. — Niman Ranch, a premium meats brand subsidiary of Perdue Farms, recognized the Sandquist family from Fairfield, Iowa, as the 2022 Farm of the Year.

Since 2016, Harold and Dee Sandquist have been a part of Niman Ranch’s farmer network to raise pigs humanely and sustainably, Niman said. The award honors their humane animal care and mentorship to other farmers.

Harold attributes the health and quality of the Sandquist’s swine to Steve Gunderson, farm manager for the Sandquists and himself a Niman Ranch hog producer. Gunderson assists with daily farm operations and with Dee and Harold’s mentorship.

Dee is an ambassador and spokesperson for Niman Ranch, representing the brand at local and national events. Harold coaches farmers on pork production operations from the day-to-day operations to working with local bankers and finances.

“The strength of the Niman Ranch business model lies with our farmer network, and Harold and Dee Sandquist have been instrumental to our growth and success,” said Chris Oliviero, Niman Ranch General Manager. “They are an example of the way our farmer network supports, educates and encourages each other. We value them not only as excellent producers, but also as inspirational and esteemed partners in our mission to support small farmers and rural America.”

Niman Ranch connects over 700 independent pork, beef and lamb producers through its network.