ORLANDO — Los Angeles-based The Wonderful Co. has added a new flavor to its line of no-shell pistachios.

Sea Salt & Pepper joins Honey Roasted, BBQ, Chili Roasted and Sea Salt & Vinegar, Wonderful’s Adam Cooper announced at the International Fresh Produce Association’s inaugural show Oct. 27-29.

With sales of its no-shell line tripling, adding a fifth flavor was a no-brainer, and anything “sea salt” is bound to be a hit.

Wonderful’s Sea Salt & Vinegar no-shell pistachios, for example, are the winners of multiple awards, Cooper said.

Also at IFPA ’23, Wonderful introduced its new farmers market wagon-style secondar display bin for its Halo brand mandarins.

The bins can be placed anywhere in the grocery store, including at checkout, Cooper said. Not only is the display eye-catching and a hit with kids, It’s “sneakily big,” he said. And it meets Wonderful’s need to sell Halos in unique ways.

“It’s all about having different-size” merchandisers, Cooper said.