The Dutch Meat Industry Association’s premium lineup for US retailers is headlined by its Trusted Veal products.

trusted-veal-logoSource: Trusted Veal from Europe

“Trusted Veal from Europe is desired for its light color and delicate taste and texture,” according to the association. “It offers a high nutrition profile and an elevated eating experience held in high regard among both chefs and consumers around the world.”

Trusted Veal is raised from calves fed a diet of milk and multigrain fodder. Over the years, European and Dutch knowhow have developed Dutch veal into a premium meat with one of the most advanced quality control programs in the world, according to the association.

Each animal is humanely raised in sustainable environments and can be traced to the farm where it was raised. The calves are slaughtered between six to eight months of age and on average weigh 450-500 pounds, giving Trusted Veal a tender texture and taste.

Veal is in the “adoption stage” in both the retail and foodservice industries in the US, according to the association.

“We’re working hard to elevate it as a premium protein. We’ve invested considerably in the US market to support retailers and build awareness of Dutch veal through events like the New York City Wine & Food Festival. Much of our recent growth in the retail space has come from demand for more protein options and specialty grocers.”

According to Datassential data cited by the association, 54% of consumers at least somewhat regularly purchase global food and beverage items at retail. Veal, which is popular around the world, is gaining popularity in the US, opening up a “world of possibilities for retailers,” according to the group.